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5 Important Pest Prevention Steps

Pest prevention is always better than pest control after infestation. It must be said,Guest Posting nonetheless, that after the pests have been eliminated, it is of significant importance to adopt appropriate pest prevention measures. Indeed, it is a cycle that must be repeated on a regular basis to effectively and efficiently keep pests at bay.

Here then are the five steps in the pest prevention cycle.

First; inspection is necessary to confirm the existence of a pest problem, identify the kind of pests present, and locate the problem areas as well as to determine the reasons for the invasion. Keep in mind that to effectively deal with the pest problem, you must establish the where, when and how of the issue. You will then be armed with the right information to determine the right solution.

Second; sanitation is important in Exterminators making the environment hostile to the pests while still being habitable for humans. You must clean the affected areas where the pests like rats, mice and cockroach have been making their home all this time. You can then remove the environmental conditions that encouraged their growth such as dank, damp and dark areas with high humidity levels, discarded packs containing leftover food and beverages, and other junk materials.

Third; mechanical control refers to the methods used in eliminating pests without the use of pesticides (i.e., rodenticides and insecticides). These include sealing cracks, cavities and other pest passageways with screens, caulk and foam, among others, so as to prevent pests from entering the house. The most common entry points are in air ducts, vents, false ceilings, pipes and electric chases. Traps can also be set for rodents and insects.

Fourth; materials like insecticides and rodenticides can then be used alongside mechanical control measures. Yes, there are several over-the-counter pesticides available that homeowners and business owners can use for emergency pest situations but experts suggest hiring professional pest control technicians for most jobs. Certain pests can only be eliminated through professional methods, not to mention that the health risks for inappropriate handling of pesticides are high.